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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tiny Wings ($.99)

Hmm.. What is it with people and birds? I mean...Angry Birds was on the top list for how long? NOW, there is this game named Tiny Wings.
You are a tiny bird and dream of flying. Oh how bad you want to soar! But, you cant yet, you see. So, not wanting to wait any longer, you go from island to island gaining speed by going up and down small hills. The catch? You HAVE to keep it daytime. You do this by collecting "Sun coins." Collecting a lot of these will keep it daytime.
There are also "Speed Coins." These guys will boost your speed a good deal. This game comes with a lot of different islands each having maybe 25 hills to rack up points. These islands are all different colors and gives the game a nice feel when you get to a new one.
I also enjoy how they created the objective part of the game. When you complete everything on the objectives list, you get a better nest.
For a buck, you can't go wrong with this game. If you like those high score, fast paced, reflex needed games, you will like this one. Most definitely a five star app.

(Maybe this is the game that will de-throne Angry Birds for a while! ;D)

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