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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

UG tools ($3.99)

I would like to thank Andrew Apanov for sending me another promo code. Thanks for all your support!

In a previous review, I wrote about the Ultimate Guitar app. That was used to search for tabs and chords. If anyone out there plays guitar I would highly recommend that app and this one.
UG tools has a couple of great tools that will aid in your quest to become a great musician. It includes

A great featured metronome
A chromatic tuner (this feature needs a mic)
A "brain tuner" (will play the sound of the string you need to tune)
A large chord library. (No wifi needed!!)

I ran a bit late with this review because I was using it so much! It is an amazing app that is portable, user friendly, and all around awesome.

If I may request a feature that would be a great update.. I would love to see one more section after the chord library that would have guitar scales. Different keys and types. It would make it the perfect guitar app. It's super now.. But with that feature? Woah.

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