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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hey Everyone! I now have a brand new site with a brand new name. It's Come check it out. I'll definitely have a lot more features up and running like polls, new apps, news, price drops, contests, and more. This will be the last post I will do on this blog. Ahh the nostalgia!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Centipede Ultra ($.99)

Who doesn't love those old fashioned arcade games that we used to play so much? Sitting in the bar with some friends playing the classic game of Centipede used to be one of America's favorite past times in the 80's and now you can play this great game on your iDevice! How awesome is that?!

This app brings Atari's finest to the palm of your hand with new updated graphics and sound. (Boy, does it sound great with headphones!) This game brings you new power ups to destroy those nasty critters but still has that old fashioned feel of the trackball and fire button.

This game has three game difficulties. The easy level (which is what I play on) fires automatically. Medium and hard is where you have to click a button in the top left/right of the screen to fire. Other than that the game feels about the same though. To play you just slide your finger back and forth to aim (and fire). If you have never played the game before, it is quite simple to get used to. When you gain more points you will get another life. (Every 15,000 to be exact) All together you can get ten lives.

The PowerUps

I love this feature. These were not in the original (based on what my Dad remembers) but its awesome all the same. If you fire at a PowerUp you will get a special power. These include:

*Rapid Fire- Super fast shooting!
*Multi Shot- 3 cannons firing parallel
*Reflect Shot- 2 cannons firing diagonally (Great for spiders)

There are also PowerUps that affect the environment:

*Time Slow- Slows down all enemies (Also happens when hitting an inchworm)
*DDT (Bomb)- Completely nukes all insects
*Burst- Kills all enemies near the Burst PowerUp
*Swarm: Makes 4 enemies COME OUT OF NO WHERE!!

I must say... This is a fantastic app. Me and my Dad play it all the time. There are a few things I would love to see in an update though.

A universal highscore list- The game comes with a device highscore list (for when you play against a friend on that device), but there isn't an online leaderboard for this game
OVER 1,000,000!!- The score counting stops when you hit 999,999!! Yes...we've done it.
Old Centipede option?- Some prefer the classic look of the game. Maybe you could put in an option?

My Dad just said (as he's sitting here playing it) "This game definitely held up over three decades" So take it from him. He's been playing it since the beginning.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chess Knight ($.99)

One of my friends in school like to play chess and he brought in a chess app on his iPod. It was fun but it glitches up a lot and the graphics were a bit boring. So I checked around and found this app called Chess Knight. It is a lot better. The graphics are really nice looking and the features it has are very cool. 
You can play against a computer with a level of your choice, you can play against a friend on your iPod, or you can use a Bump feature to play against a friend who also owns the game. 
How does the Bump work? First, you both have town the game and turn on bluetooth, then you press the button that says "Use Bump Feature," bump the two iPods together and, boom! You guys should be connected! I haven't tried this feature yet since no one I know owns the game, but if it DOES work as promised, well....that is really cool.

SketchPad ($.99)

I really love to draw and this app is perfect for anyone else who does. SketchPad is unlike most drawing apps. You have an  unlimited drawing space which really helps when drawing large things. You can zoom in and out as much as you want, adjust the line thickness and color, and it even has a copy and paste feature! That is one of my favorites.
I would give this app a VERY high rating. It is so awesome if I could marry an app, I would. :D

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

UG tools ($3.99)

I would like to thank Andrew Apanov for sending me another promo code. Thanks for all your support!

In a previous review, I wrote about the Ultimate Guitar app. That was used to search for tabs and chords. If anyone out there plays guitar I would highly recommend that app and this one.
UG tools has a couple of great tools that will aid in your quest to become a great musician. It includes

A great featured metronome
A chromatic tuner (this feature needs a mic)
A "brain tuner" (will play the sound of the string you need to tune)
A large chord library. (No wifi needed!!)

I ran a bit late with this review because I was using it so much! It is an amazing app that is portable, user friendly, and all around awesome.

If I may request a feature that would be a great update.. I would love to see one more section after the chord library that would have guitar scales. Different keys and types. It would make it the perfect guitar app. It's super now.. But with that feature? Woah.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tiny Wings ($.99)

Hmm.. What is it with people and birds? I mean...Angry Birds was on the top list for how long? NOW, there is this game named Tiny Wings.
You are a tiny bird and dream of flying. Oh how bad you want to soar! But, you cant yet, you see. So, not wanting to wait any longer, you go from island to island gaining speed by going up and down small hills. The catch? You HAVE to keep it daytime. You do this by collecting "Sun coins." Collecting a lot of these will keep it daytime.
There are also "Speed Coins." These guys will boost your speed a good deal. This game comes with a lot of different islands each having maybe 25 hills to rack up points. These islands are all different colors and gives the game a nice feel when you get to a new one.
I also enjoy how they created the objective part of the game. When you complete everything on the objectives list, you get a better nest.
For a buck, you can't go wrong with this game. If you like those high score, fast paced, reflex needed games, you will like this one. Most definitely a five star app.

(Maybe this is the game that will de-throne Angry Birds for a while! ;D)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cut The Rope ($.99)

Cut the Rope ($.99)

The same friend I was talking about in the Chess Knight review showed me this awesome game. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. It kinda seemed a bit boring and childish. I watched him play, and the more I watched...THE MORE I WANTED IT! It is not at all what I thought it was.
*By now you probably know how I review apps. Next, I will talk about the objective and gameplay, then the goods, and if any, the bads. :D*
The object of the game to get the candy into the cute little monster's mouth by...cutting ropes. It sounds quite easy when I say it like that, but as you are trying to do that, the candy has to "dodge" different obstacles, spiders, and collect stars to go to the next level and boost your score.
I really enjoy the graphics in this game. It is cartoonish and relaxing when you feel like playing a puzzle game. I also like how the little monster whimpers if he doesn't get his candy. I like the feature that allows you to skip a level if you JUST CAN'T GET IT. You can come back to it later. (If you want to get to the next set of levels, you DO have to finish all the puzzles in the "box.")
Not much I can really say bad about this game... Ummm... The only thing I can POSSIBLY think of is landscape supported puzzles would be awesome. I would highly recommend this app. It is a fun puzzler and is well worth the buck!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fragger, Gravity Guy, and SushiGoRound

I would really like to thank Miniclip for sending me 3 promo codes for these games. Thank you so much guys!

Fragger $.99

Fragger is a very fun game and it also gets very challenging as well. You are a soldier in the war! You must throw your grenades at the enemy! You do this by holding your finger down and positioning your throw. Then you lift up to let go. Like most games, it sounds easy in writing, but it gets pretty tough. There are many obstacles in your way to the enemy. Walls, wood, dynamite.. Once you surpass those, you are good to go.
As I stated earlier, you have to hold your finger down and let it go to release. I would really like to see an update that you can hold down to get set, but then press a button to release. It gets a bit annoying sometimes when you have to get a little higher but your finger gets in the way.
Overall this is an amazing app though. Very fun to play, a lot of levels.. What more could you ask for?

Gravity Guy $.99

Gravity Guy is another amazing game! This game is basically what the name says. You are a man that is trying to escape from a futuristic prison. The robot men are trying to catch you, so you have to... RUN! But the twist is, you have to avoid obstacles by switching the gravity. You go through checkpoints to ensure you keep going forward but it gets faster and faster as you go along. You cannot switch the gravity while in the air. You must be on the ground. (Or ceiling) Sometimes you might float into space!
This a great game to kill time (or not) and is another challenging one from Miniclip.

SushiGoRound $.99

Has anyone ever played that game Lemonade Stand? SushiGoRound is a bit like that, but with more recipes and better graphics. You..are a chef in a sushi restaurant. Can you handle seating, feeding and keeping nonstop customers happy?
There is a recipe book full of the foods your customers want. Make the right combination of ingredients, and match the food to the person. Sound easy? WRONG! Customers start to poor into the restaurant and and if you don't serve them fast enough, they will get angry and leave.
Like a real kitchen, you will run out of ingredients. You will have to order the food which could be quick or a long process depending on how much you pay.