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Friday, March 4, 2011

Cut The Rope ($.99)

Cut the Rope ($.99)

The same friend I was talking about in the Chess Knight review showed me this awesome game. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. It kinda seemed a bit boring and childish. I watched him play, and the more I watched...THE MORE I WANTED IT! It is not at all what I thought it was.
*By now you probably know how I review apps. Next, I will talk about the objective and gameplay, then the goods, and if any, the bads. :D*
The object of the game to get the candy into the cute little monster's mouth by...cutting ropes. It sounds quite easy when I say it like that, but as you are trying to do that, the candy has to "dodge" different obstacles, spiders, and collect stars to go to the next level and boost your score.
I really enjoy the graphics in this game. It is cartoonish and relaxing when you feel like playing a puzzle game. I also like how the little monster whimpers if he doesn't get his candy. I like the feature that allows you to skip a level if you JUST CAN'T GET IT. You can come back to it later. (If you want to get to the next set of levels, you DO have to finish all the puzzles in the "box.")
Not much I can really say bad about this game... Ummm... The only thing I can POSSIBLY think of is landscape supported puzzles would be awesome. I would highly recommend this app. It is a fun puzzler and is well worth the buck!

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