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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fragger, Gravity Guy, and SushiGoRound

I would really like to thank Miniclip for sending me 3 promo codes for these games. Thank you so much guys!

Fragger $.99

Fragger is a very fun game and it also gets very challenging as well. You are a soldier in the war! You must throw your grenades at the enemy! You do this by holding your finger down and positioning your throw. Then you lift up to let go. Like most games, it sounds easy in writing, but it gets pretty tough. There are many obstacles in your way to the enemy. Walls, wood, dynamite.. Once you surpass those, you are good to go.
As I stated earlier, you have to hold your finger down and let it go to release. I would really like to see an update that you can hold down to get set, but then press a button to release. It gets a bit annoying sometimes when you have to get a little higher but your finger gets in the way.
Overall this is an amazing app though. Very fun to play, a lot of levels.. What more could you ask for?

Gravity Guy $.99

Gravity Guy is another amazing game! This game is basically what the name says. You are a man that is trying to escape from a futuristic prison. The robot men are trying to catch you, so you have to... RUN! But the twist is, you have to avoid obstacles by switching the gravity. You go through checkpoints to ensure you keep going forward but it gets faster and faster as you go along. You cannot switch the gravity while in the air. You must be on the ground. (Or ceiling) Sometimes you might float into space!
This a great game to kill time (or not) and is another challenging one from Miniclip.

SushiGoRound $.99

Has anyone ever played that game Lemonade Stand? SushiGoRound is a bit like that, but with more recipes and better graphics. You..are a chef in a sushi restaurant. Can you handle seating, feeding and keeping nonstop customers happy?
There is a recipe book full of the foods your customers want. Make the right combination of ingredients, and match the food to the person. Sound easy? WRONG! Customers start to poor into the restaurant and and if you don't serve them fast enough, they will get angry and leave.
Like a real kitchen, you will run out of ingredients. You will have to order the food which could be quick or a long process depending on how much you pay.

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