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Monday, December 20, 2010

Doodle God ($.99)

This game is interesting. It is a very good concept and it works very well. The object of the game is to create new forms of matter with just earth, air, fire, and water. ( You'll be very surprised at how many things you can create!) I like how the game feels as well. I played a game "like" this one and it was pretty bad. It was hard to create new things, navigability was terrible, and the overall gameplay was just...blah. You start by making things like swamps, dust, plants, and things like that. Then, you start to make things that have life! Plankton, lizards, birds, humans! You can keep adding to things too! Once you make humans and vodka you can combine them and get and alcoholic! Or you can add swamp to human and get corpse, or something like that.
All of the things you can make are well thought out also which means you won't get a fish by combining fire and grass! Great game that will probably take you a while to complete.

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