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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Axe In Face ($.99)

Hey guys! I just got this off the app store and you should too! It sounds like a violent game, but it really isn't. The object of the game? To keep your Viking manliness and protect all of your sacred daffodils! Sound fun? It is. You draw a path from your Viking and have to kill all the approaching Vikings with your axe. Once they get into the flower patch, you lose!
There are different things that happen during the game though. For example, other Vikings start to come holding trees! What do you do?! You throw your axe into a fire, hit them with the flaming axe, and they...disintegrate.
I would most definitely say this is a five star app. The gameplay is fun and cartoonish yet it gets quite challenging. Now go my son! Go fight so you can reach Valhalla!!

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