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Friday, September 17, 2010

Pizza Boy ($1.99)

I really want to thank everyone and anyone from ACNE play for shipping me a promo code so I could have the chance to review this great app. Thanks again guys!

God I love retro-style games! I honestly think these ARE the best type of games out there for the iPod and this is a truly magnificent one. The storyline is fairly simple, yet explanatory. You...are a pizza boy, who was delivering a pizza one day, and a terrible nasty bird stole your pizza. What do you want?!!? REVENGE!!! ...and...your pizza back to earn your $8.50 an hour :D
You, as the pizza boy run, jump, and throw bottles you collect along the way to find that blasted bird and also finish the "maze/platform" in a given amount of time.
The graphics are stunning, the gameplay is simple, the puzzles and mazes are challenging, and overall, the game is a definite 5 out of 5. Hands down awesomeness.
I would get it.. Really. Go and get it.

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