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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Animation Creator ($1.99)

I would really like to thank Ernie Lyon for sending me a promo code so I could review this app. Thanks again Ernie and everyone at Red Software, LCC.

Does anyone like to draw, or more specifically animate your drawings? There are a couple of animation apps out there but this is one of the best I think. It's really a fun app to play around with but once you do make a good looking animation, you can upload it to YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter! That is a feature that some applications lack.
There is a lot of different features that you can play around with to make a fun animation. A couple are using a good amount of different colors, drawing shapes like straight lines, circles, and rectangles, different pixels sizes when you use the paintbrush, using layers, playback speed, and more. I like to use Pivot on my desktop a lot and that is a pretty great equivalent.
I really like how you can see the onion skin when you go to the next frame as well.
I can't really say anything bad about this app because it is pretty much everything I want in an animation app.
Just one suggestion for the devs at Red Software: while I do like all the features it is lacking one thing. A sort of copy paste function. Once you click the plus sign to add a new frame, yes, you do see the onion skin, but the last drawing wasn't there making it hard to make a smooth animation because it will be different from the last. It isn't really anything MAJOR but it really would be a bit more enjoyable to make a very smooth animation rather than a choppy one.
All in all this is a five star app and I will make sure I rate it so in the app store as well.

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