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Thursday, August 12, 2010

iDreamer ($1.99)

First, I would like to give a huge shout out to Joe Plotts for sending me out a promo code to review this app and for sending me an awesome email. Check out what he said!


Thanks for taking the time to review iDreamer. We look forward to seeing your inspirational and surreal take on our Dream Interpretation app. It's not often the god of Ipod would take the time to bestow his favors on the struggling code minions working slavishly away in the land of code.

May your interest bring a rain of praise on our humble efforts.

Sincerely and slavishly yours...

Code 4 Dev team "

I thought that was really awesome. Thanks again!

To the review!

I have a wild crazy brain and it shows in my dreams sometimes. I often don't know what the heck these dreams mean though! A lot of times, I'll have a dream but by the time I get out of bed and stumble to the computer, I'll forget some important details. I usually sleep with my iPod next to my bed anyway so I knew this would be a good app for me.
There are a couple of features that are used in this app. You can either search by meanings or by keywords about the dream. One great feature is you can also submit a dream that you would like interpreted and they may look it over and put it on the next version of the app! I think that is pretty cool. The second feature that makes it's a five star app is the built in dream journal. Don't want to switch between your notes app and the dream app? No problem! Just use the built-in journal to record your dreams!
I have found one small problem with the journal though. Once you click the "save" button you cannot edit the dream. That was a tad bit annoying..but nothing major. I will say, because of the awesome features, this is a five star app no doubt about it. Worth the money; and I highly recommend it.

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