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Friday, August 13, 2010

Canabalt and Gravity Hook HD (Both $2.99)

I would love to thank Semi Secret Software for sending me not just one, but two promo codes so I can review these apps in one bulk post! Thanks again guys.

I always say, "Always trust a game with a good soundtrack." Does that mean that I don't "trust" Pocket God and Doodle Jump? In a way, YES! Danny Baranowsky (the composer of the soundtracks on both games) did an excellent job on the music which gave them both a moody/action feel. Just the music makes me sit on edge!
Canabalt is an action game where you jump to avoid falling off buildings and different obstacles to stay alive. Very easy navigation: just TAP to jump and the man will automatically keep running. It appears he in a city like New York and is in a "Doomsday-Like" atmosphere, but I am not 100% sure. You can also change which music you want to play in the background while you make your "Daring Escape." (Click the top right corner.) with the game's atmosphere and the great music this game, somehow gives me the feel of Batman The Dark Knight. Haha.
The second game that I have reviewed is Gravity Hook HD. This is like, a beefed up version of Doodle Jump. I don't understand HOW games like doodle jump and Pocket God are on the top games list when there are games like this out. Gravity hook is where you control a small robot with a grappling hook and connect to different colored mines to get higher. Be careful though. The mines move when you are connected to them! Not at the speed you do, but they do move. Green mines are safe and do not explode, blue mines arm themselves while connected, and red mines you can connect to but NOT TOUCH. if you miss a mine, like in Doodle jump, (missing a platform) you will die. Once you get to a certain level you can unlock the "classic" mode. It is more of the arcade style of the game.
These games really do replace Doodle Jump and Pocket God for me. More action, suspense and Great music. I would give both these games a 5 for originality, creativity, and awesomeness.

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