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Sunday, July 11, 2010

HiDef Radio (Free)

I was browsing for new music related apps yesterday and I found one that is called HiDef Radio. It is one of the best apps I've downloaded yet. It has so many channels from all around the world and you don't have to worry about the fuzzy sound from any of them. You can search for a channel, browse by genres, or listen to the top feeds. Of course for this app you have to have an internet connection but for most of the apps out there, you do. Me -being a Beatlemaniac- went right for the search engine and looked up "Beatles." Pretty simple and the results were amazing! I got about five or six stations dedicated JUST TO BEATLES!

There is a radio station on the internet that I listen to called Beatles-a-Rama. It is a radio station playing Beatles and Beatle-esk music. It really is an amazing station. They now have an app that came out recently for $4.99 and you can listen to the station, on your iPod or iPhone whenever you want. When I first got the iPod I wanted it REALLY bad, and, I still did until yesterday. So, as I was looking down the list of Beatles stations, guess what I found? Beatles-a-Rama! FOR FREE! Not to cheap out on Beatles-a-Rama or anything but there is a way to get the station (among others) for free.

I have found that the stations do freeze a bit occasionally but they automatically reboot themselves back up very quickly. Thousands of free radio stations right in the palm of your hand! How awesome!! 5 out of 5 stars! Great app!

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