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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Back to school (ALL Free)

Hey Everybody! Its July, which sadly means.....SUMMER WILL BE OVER SOON!! I believe I go back to school around August 25th and I am also trying to get the use of iPods "LEGAL" in school. No more losing notes or forgetting that homework assignment! It will be great for a number of subjects (Math, science, social studies, law, english, etc...) and it will also be great for any type of homework, project, essay, and taking notes. (A lot of other things too! :D) If you are one of the people who would like to use your iPod for more than just an awesome multimedia player, check out these apps that I tried out in the "Educational isle" of the app store:

S'Cool Buddy- This is an amazing app for keeping track of your school schedule and all the homework/projects that come with them! You can put in the name of your teacher, the room number, what kinds of grades you have, and lots more!

Notes Lite- This app is great for planing things and a to do list. You can keep track of small things here. I wouldn't recommend the LARGE notes and whole notebooks you're going to take in an app. (I have an app for that which I'll tell you soon)

GPA- This is an app that you can use in your high school or collage years to keep that grade point average in check.

MyGradesLite- I would give this app a higher rating than GPA because with MyGradesLite, you can put in each and every grade that you get for every class. Then (With the magic of computers :D) it will automatically average your grade.
Example: Say you have a test in Spanish that was worth 100 points and you earned 92. For that class (with only that 1 grade) it will say you have a 92%. Now, if you add in a quiz that was worth 25 points and you earned 19, your overall grade for that class would go down to a 88.8% because you got a low score on it.
This is probably what I will do: For everyday use I will use MyGradesLite. Then once the end of the semester comes, I will put the overall grade for each class into GPA so I can get my complete grade point average.

SchoolBuddy- This is another great app to help a lot of problems in school. It closly relates to S'Cool Buddy but each one has a couple of functions that make them different. I have both of them on my iPod because I like to use all the tools that I can.

Fliq Notes- I mentioned earlier about a notebook app. Well...This is it! Fliq Notes is an amazing application that allows you to make as many "notebooks" as you want and create as many notes in those notebooks as you want. What I find VERY cool is that you can categorize the notes and notebooks into your classes by different colors, names, and the date you made the note. NO MORE LOSING NOTES AND PAPERS! What I would recommend is that you always back-up your notes right after you take them by sending the note to your email just in case you "misplace" your iPod. (Another nifty function that this app carries.)

BBTimeTableFree- I haven't really messed around with this app as much as the others but I can tell it can still help you out. This app is all about your schedule. What time, where you have to go, what the teacher's name is, etc... Good app for busy schedules or if you are just starting off the year and forget which way is your homeroom! :D

EMD PTE- Wow...this is an amazing app. Who has chemistry and is constantly annoyed with all the different papers you need JUST for the periodic table? NOT ANYMORE! This app has all your needs for ANYTHING having to do with the periodic table. You see the table, click on an element and have all the information that you need. What it looks like, the basic info, the discoverer, and a lot more. If you tilt your device to the right it will pop up with a screen that you can search for an element, see what states the elements are in at different temperatures, and still more! For anyone that uses the periodic table for anything, this is the app for you!
I give this app a 5 out of 5 is just amazing! (and free! :D)

myhomework- This app is pretty self-explanitory. A lot of homework? Don't want to forget? This is the app for you. plug in your class, the assignment, and you are ready to go!

Wikipedia, Google, Dictionary, FreeSaurus- These are all apps that will help tremendosly in any and/or every class.

eReader- Have Accelerated Reader book list that you have to read? Download this app and start looking up the books you need online. MANY of the books are free! No more worrying about the library's books! :D

The Complete Edgar Allan Poe- This app is great for english class. It has all of Poe's stories in one app, all for free, and you don't even need wifi to view them!

HistoryMaps- This is a great map app that doesn't just give you maps, but also bits of history about what you are looking at, the populations throughout the years, and more!

Daily News- Great news app for Social Studies or, just reading what's going on around you. Has the oil spill stopped yet? Go to the Daily News.

Built-in apps- Take advantage of those apps that you have built into your iPod! The calculator (turned sideways) has many functions for your math or science class. The mail app to check your school e-mail account and back up your notes. The stocks to know what companies are up and which are down. The calender to see if you have a project due soon. (OMG! I HAVE A 700 WORD ESSAY DUE TOMORROW! :D) You can also use the basic photo app to store anything relevant to your school work.

Dragon Dictation- I have this on another review,but in short, Dragon Dictation is a text-to-speech app REVERSED! You talk into your mic, and then you will see your spoken words on the screen. You can then e-mail it to your self for later!

I know...that’s A LOT of apps. But they will all help you in the long run. Hope everyone takes advantage of your iPod and I hope that these apps will help a little.

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