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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chess Knight ($.99)

One of my friends in school like to play chess and he brought in a chess app on his iPod. It was fun but it glitches up a lot and the graphics were a bit boring. So I checked around and found this app called Chess Knight. It is a lot better. The graphics are really nice looking and the features it has are very cool. 
You can play against a computer with a level of your choice, you can play against a friend on your iPod, or you can use a Bump feature to play against a friend who also owns the game. 
How does the Bump work? First, you both have town the game and turn on bluetooth, then you press the button that says "Use Bump Feature," bump the two iPods together and, boom! You guys should be connected! I haven't tried this feature yet since no one I know owns the game, but if it DOES work as promised, well....that is really cool.

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