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Monday, January 3, 2011

8 Bit Games-Flying ($1.99)

I would really like to thank Teruaki and everyone else at White Dev for sending me a promo code to review this awesome game! Hope you guys like the review as much as I like the app!

Anyone out there who likes classic retro arcade games, this is one for you! Flying is a 3D game where you fly a small plane and avoid the many structures that start to come at you (rather quickly sometimes!) It being an 8 bit game has pixelated animations and music which gives it that great feeling of the 80's! Like a lot of games, it sounds much easier than it really is. Different types of buildings and statues (of all different sizes) come at you waiting for you to crash into them! (Mwahahaha) The type of camera angle (behind the plane) makes it even more of a challenge to navigate at points. (In a good way) There are also different places you fly through:

-New York City
- Egypt
- Inside of a Pyramid
- (Loop to NY city)
In the Pyramid, enemies are moving around as well so be careful!

Very simple controls: Tilt your device left or right to steer and tap anywhere on the screen to pause. I like that because it makes it a lot easier to play.
There are just a couple things that I would really like to see in the next update.
1.) The music. It has some arcade music sounds but I think it would fit the part well if you got some really awesome music and put it in. 
2.) Another amazing feature this game should have is the ability to access your your Twitter and Facebook accounts. It would be great to see other people's scores. (Or at least brag about them to your friends on Facebook). This games does have Scoreloop (Online system like Openfeint) which should quench your high score posting needs. 
Even though there are a couple things missing I love this game. I can tell this will be on my iPod for a long time.

P.S. This game has an equivalent called 8 bit games- Flying 2d. It's basically the same game (Free & less features) but you see your plane from the top! It gives the game a whole different perspective.

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