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Friday, October 8, 2010

Marblenauts ($1.99)

I really want to thank Johan Bros for sending me out a promo code for this app. Thanks again!

If you like challenging puzzlers, this is one you should check out. In the beginning the marble...people give you a pretty good tutorial of how to actually play the game and then you do it yourself. The object of the game is to get the right colored marblenaut into the correct color transporter. To do this, you must destroy a rock to either the left or right of the little guy. Sounds simple right? WRONG! For you to blow up certain rocks you must get one marblenaut to a specific place. A bunch of the puzzles include teamwork between however many nauts there are in the place.
While the first couple are easy, it DOES get harder due to the addition of obstacles that get in the way. Really, there isn't much I can say bad about this game. It is a fun one to play when you want something to do that will make you think or just want to play something fun. Great game that I highly recommend to any puzzle fan!

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