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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ultimate Guitar Tabs ($2.99)

I would love to thank Andrew Apanov for sending me a promo gore for this app. Thanks again!

If anyone uses the Internet to look up different chords and tabs for songs that you'd like to learn, you've probably been to It is a really great site that has a HUGE database for ALL types of music and many songs have different versions! So along with the desktop version, they came out with an iPod app! It has all of the tabs on the site with all the great features! Just type in the song/band that you want to look up music for, pick which version you want to view, and you are good to go! Don't know how to play an Em7? Just click on the blue chord name and it shows you a chord diagram. This application is called "Ultimate Guitar Tabs" but it has a TON of chords.
I really like to play rhythm guitar and this has helped me a great deal. I was playing in my room and wanted to check out a tab. I wasn't near a computer so I used this handy app. You DO need Internet connection for this app but if you want to save a song and view it when you don't have any wifi, just double tab and word, then drag the highlight to however much you want to copy, then paste it into your notes! This works great for chords, but...not so much for tabs. It kind of turns it all into a blob of numbers and dashes. :D
This is a great app. I use the desktop site all the time and this is EXTREMELY convenient. I love this app and all the tabs that are in it. I highly recommend this to any guitar player and I rate it five stars hands down.

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