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Thursday, July 29, 2010

iDragon Ball Sports ($1.99)

Well...anyone out there a Dragon Ball Z fan? I know I am. Well, if you do enjoy the the awesome anime show, this will be good for you. What his app does is that it shows a map of where you are (wifi or GPS needed) and shows the dragon balls speeding out over an amount of space (you pick the difficulty) and find them! I must warn anyone with an iPod touch that although this app does work for the iPod, GPS is needed to track where you are so you can "find" the dragon balls. If you have an iPhone, this app shall work wonders. But for the people with iPods you can buy a cradle and get the xGPS app to get GPS anywhere or you can use something that people call wifi triangulation. 
Wifi triangulation means, when you start the app in a place with wifi, walk, lose your wifi, and go in and out of connections along the way. That way, you will get closer and closer to the dragon balls. I live in a small town without a lot of wifi, (grr...) BUT, if you live in a more populated, up-to-date town that has a lot of free wifi where ever you walk, that would be cool too. You can toggle what kind of maps you want, see if there are other people using this app close by in your area, and there is a feature that you can view the app in the dragon ball radar screen, like in the show.
I have tried this app out on my friend's iPhone with GPS and it is a great app. I give this app a 5 out of 5 because of it's realistic features and graphics.

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