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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mocha VNC lite app. (Free)

I was wondering if it actually was possible to connect my iPod to my home computer. I searched on the internet and came across an app called VNC lite. It's an app that, once you do an easy configuration with you computer, you can hook you iPod/iPhone up to to your home or work computer.
Pretty cool right? This app requires a couple things to get it working:

1. You have to download and install UltraVNC onto your computer.
2. You must have you computer turned on at all times for it to work.
3. You must have a stable wifi connection to hook up.

This is a great app if you are on your patio or in your bedroom and want to access your computer from there, but I would not recommend this for a long distance trip or vacation that no one will be home to turn your computer on and off (unless you don't mind to pay for an electric bill that is a little pricier :p). Yes, it pretty much does all it says it does, with you able to access all your programs and files but one major thing that made me angry was the scroll function... THERE WAS NONE! Say you are on a website using VNC and you need to scroll down or up to access more of the page... You won't be able to because when you try it, it just roams around the page for you are dragging the page with your finger! >:o In this manner I have found that you could not "click and drag" due to the same problem. There is only one way to scroll and that is by clicking the up or down arrows on top of or under the scroll bar. It is a bit hard to do because you finger is large in comparison to the tiny buttons.
I would say it is a good app to access your computer for files and programs that you DON'T NEED TO SCROLL WITH. That is the one major flaw I found wrong with this app. I would really recommend this to watch a computer (like your employees or your children) to see what they are doing before they delete the history. ; )
I would give this app a 2.5 stars out of 5 due to the problems and flaws that is has.

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