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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pocket God and Doodle Jump (Both $.99)

The first thing I did when I got my first iTunes card was to check out games that everyone has been talking about: Pocket God and Doodle Jump. Many people already know about these games and they have been around for a while but as my grandpa says; they're oldies but goodies. Of course Pocket God is a game that you are in control of the Pigmies and you can do with them of what you wish. Create storms, earthquakes, and other natural disasters and also bring other things in like dinosaurs and ghosts. It has really no storyline so you can come and go as you please. There are, however, mini games in which you can post your high score. You can play three mini games in all: one that worked together with DoodleJump, a "jump" game where it appears that you are running from lava in a "hell" scene, and the last game is one where you are tilting your device to navigate the pigmy through a sewer scene. There are many different things to do to torture this little guys and it is a very good game.
Now to Doodle Jump. This is a VERY addicting game that I would also highly recommend. You are doodle... And you... JUMP! It's easier said than done though. Once you get higher and higher up there become fewer platforms to jump on and monsters start to come into play. There are of course things to help you like springs, trampolines, and jet packs, but while making sure you don't fall from the platforms that are under you, you must dodge the monsters, holes, UFOs and the different types of platforms. (Broken, exploding, or the ones that disappear. There are no real "levels" that you go to but rather, different modes. There is normal, space, halloween and a few more. Each mode has different themes for the backgrounds, how Doodle looks, the monsters and the objects.
Both of these games I would give a 5 out of 5 because of the graphics, the entertainment, and the gameplay. (By the way, if you type your name as Ooga in DoodleJump, you can play as one of the pigmies from Pocket God and you can play a game of DoodleJump in Pocket God by dragging a pigmy up to the clouds and tilting the device to control the direction the little guy jumps!)

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