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Friday, July 2, 2010

Defender Case for the iPod Touch

I recently went out to a local Wal-mart looking for an ipod Touch protector case and screen protectors. So I finally did find a pack of three silicon protectors called immerse by Griffin for about $8 and a pack of screen protectors made by WriterRight for about $7. (For an ipod of any kind i would spend a couple extra dollars to buy the screen protectors SPECIFICALLY for the ipod, because these do not have the hole for the home button and you have to cut them down to the size of the ipod yourself.) At the time, I thought i was getting a very good deal. Then I got home and put the silicon protectors. I felt felt disappointed for these were very thin and flimsy. If you are active, work in harsh conditions (Construction work, hiking, plumbing, carpenter work, etc...) or are a bit clumsy (like me) you probably want a more hard, plastic protector.
A couple of days ago i went out to an auction that sells a lot of different things ranging from fruit to computers. As I was browsing I came across a stand that sold all kinds of accessories for iPods and I asked him what I was looking for. He showed me the Defender Case for the iPod Touch 2/3 by Otterbox which comes in a couple different colors (I just got the black) and is literally built like a tank. At the auction I bought it for $20 but it seems that in most stores and online sites it's marked at about $25. I honestly wouldn't care if it was $25 or $100, I would definitely recommend this protector whatever the price may be. I do think the price is just right for it though. I enjoy the attachable clip that comes with it and the protector screen that is already built with it. No more smudges!! :)
I would highly recommend this case for ANYONE but specifically people who are active often. It is a great case, reasonably priced, and with a built in screen protector, you can't go wrong. Below is a link to read more about this amazing case from Otterbox itself:

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