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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The General ($3.99)

Before I start this review, I would like to send a shout out to Sean O'Connor for sending me a promo code to download and review this app. Thanks again Sean! You can check out his website here:


I don't know about anyone else but I really like boardgames. You know... the good old-fashioned, fun, and easy to play boardgames. Did you ever get the urge to play one of your favorite games while you were in the car or alone? if you like to play Stratego, this is a great app to put on your iPod. You may see the price and say, "ehh... It's $4... I don't wanna spend that much..." Blah blah blah... It is WELL worth the money! I've only played five times so far and I have already surpassed the $4 enjoyment mark. For a game like Stratego, DON'T CHEAP OUT!! Buy the good one and actually have fun with the game.
Before I stumbled upon The General, I downloaded an app called "iFog of War." It is a terrible game all together and compared to The General, it is even worse. The General packs some awesome added features including great sounds, different themes, pre-loaded strategies, preference changes, and if the lowest number has the most power or vice versa. (It also has MULTITASK powers so you can X out of the app and then come back to your game later!)
It is a very simple game to control. Just click and drag to move your pieces and you are good to go! I highly recommend this game to any Stratego fan and, if I could, I would rate this game a six out of five. (By the way just to say how great the graphics are I honestly thought, at first glance and looking at the screen shots, that this game was made by the original company; Milton Bradley.)

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